The History of Toy Forts and Castles

German Gottschalk fort c 1913

Author: Allen Hickling


The classic toy for boys used to be a set of lead soldiers, usually manufactured by the toy company, Britains. Less known, but just as essential, was the toy fort which provided a venue in which fierce playroom battles could be fought.

Allen Hickling has been collecting and researching toy forts and castles for the past 30 years and has just written the first reference book ever published on the subject; Toy Forts & Castles: European-Made Toys of the 19th & 20th Centuries.

The books 340 pages cover the history of the manufacture of European toy forts and castles, and provides essential information about manufacturers, specifications and materials, set in a rich historical context. The book contains an astonishing 800 photographs, providing an invaluable visual resource for toy collectors, museum curators, archivists, antique dealers, and architectural history buffs.